14 Mar

1. Which brand in Emporium women’s boutique has a MOD inspired theme for the season?

KON, Kwankao

2. What’s Sretsis Emporium Store Theme and what’s the trend for their SS12 collection. Provide name, inspiration and your personal takes on it. (ask for SS12 lookbook)

Oh My Dear Deer. Inspiration: Holiday honeymoon trip from her sister

3. Which Thai women designer store in Emporium you like best and why?


4. What brand has an OLYMPIC theme for their new SS collection?


5. The character “Fiona & Katie” is a mascot for which brand?

Flynow 3

6. Which brand in Emporium would represent the trend minimalist to you and why?

7. Which brand has the theme of “kites” for the next spring/summer 2012?


8. Which brand has their own bottles to gives away to customer?


9. How many Thai brands in Emporium women’s boutique have a male as head designer?

Flynow, ISSUE, KAI, KON, Asava, Sunchai, Victeerut

10. Flamingo was a signature print for which brand?

Flynow 3

11. Compare the price point of each brands. Fit them in 3 catagories: High-End/ High-Fashion/ High-Sreet and give your reason why.

ISSUE/ Flynow/ Flynow3/ Flynow Garden/ KAI/ KON/ Kwankao/ Milin/ ASV/ Asava/ Sunchai/ Hooks/ Disaya/ Sretsis/ Senada/ Vatanika/ Tu’i/ Munchu/ Victeerut


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